Intercultural Barries in Film Essay

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Intercultural Barriers in Film Jesse Power University of Phoenix XCOM/200 David Harris September 21, 2014 Introduction All of us have probably had the experience of dealing with intercultural communication barriers at some point in our lives. Intercultural communication barriers are so prevalent in our lives that they are often depicted on the big screen. Many films have been made over the years that focus on topics of diversity and intercultural communication barriers. These movies, while often fictional, can be very informative, and sometimes even educational. In the following essay, we will look at the 2004 film, Crash, to identify and discuss some intercultural communication barriers that are fairly common. Crash (2004), would eventually go on to win Best Picture at the 78th Academy Awards in 2006. The film takes place in Los Angeles, California, over a period of two days. During these two days, the lives of several characters are intertwined as they deal with racism and cultural differences at different levels (, 2014). This film was unique in its approach to racism and cultural barriers in that the victims of prejudice or racism would later go on to exhibit their own prejudicial views. There were a large number of main characters in this film, but for this essay we will focus on three in particular: Ria, Jean Cabot, and Rick Cabot, portrayed by Jennifer Esposito, Sandra Bullock, and Brendan Fraser, respectively. We will take a look at two scenes from this film: the opening scene, with Ria, and the scene inside the Cabot household with Jean and Rick Cabot. Opening Scene: Crash Site The opening scene of Crash begins moments after a traffic accident involving the character Ria, portrayed by actress Jennifer Esposito. Ria eventually gets out of her vehicle and walks toward the police officer who is questioning another driver involved

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