Rebel Without A Cause Essay

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CST1FA Melda Gonen Student No. 17368276 Topic: “How do elements of mise en scene and sound relate to the larger narrative functions of the scene and the film?” There are certain elements that are used to help develop a narrative. Throughout films people often ask questions, as to why certain actors are dressed the way they are, or why certain surroundings look the way they do, a director purposely dresses characters in different ways and sets up scenes in particular surroundings. Directors classify this under mise en scene, which involves everything placed into a scene; another way they set up their narrative is through sound, to instigate emotions and different feelings within an audience. A film that demonstrates the way these elements work to set up a narrative is ‘Rebel without a cause’, by Nicholas Ray. He uses a particular scene close to the beginning of the film in a schools planetarium to help develop a brief understanding of the narrative. He does this by the setting he has chosen, the costumes used on characters, the way the lighting affects the scene and…show more content…
Nicolas Ray uses sound in ‘Rebel without a cause’, to help set up a theme, and mood. In the beginning of the planetarium scene he has placed non-diegetic sounds, a fast paced yet unsafe sort of sound, with a constant high pitch tone. This portrays an unsettling feeling amongst the audience. The type of sound Nicolas Ray uses in the planetarium is a sci-fi ‘out of space’ kind of sound, which fits the planetariums profile. In a way the sound and scene relates to space and the unknown of what is actually out there, and the unknown that’s in the planetarium and amongst the different characters. The diegetic material used, such as the teacher speaking throughout the planetariums presentation, is also a deep monotone voice, which also ignites a disturbing
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