Censorship In Movies

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Daniel Day English 10 Fahrenheit 451 Censorship in Movies ! Censorship has played a big role in our world, and to this day it remains a part of many things including: music, video games, movies, books, and journals. Censorship has both positive and negative effects, and can result in books, movies and other materials banned from certain countries, or cityʼs. I believe that they do a superb job censoring things in cinema especially. ! In 1927 there was a call for a stricter censorship in movies, so it 1934 the world was introduced to the “Hays Code”. It was created to control the depiction of religious groups, foreign countries, foreigners, sexual and criminal activity and other repellent subjects. The Hays code consists of rules about what canʼt be seen in a movie, comprising of murder, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, costumes, dances, religion, locations, and titles. Around 1950 they ditched the Hays code and decided to just rate all films. This is what they do today and is run by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). ! Censorship has certainly changed the way motion pictures are made and filmed. Instead of making films for everyone, they have to choose a select audience: adults, teenagers, or youth. Then they have to create a movie specifically for that group. The movie then must meet the standards for the correct rating of the movie. Because of censorship some movies become underdeveloped and confusing. To solve this problem the developers usually release two versions of the same movie. A rated one for more mature and young audiences and an unrated one, which usually consists of vulgarity every few seconds. ! The consequences of censorship can be devastating to some people but not all. Some negatives of this are that it works against creativity, and it may intrude the privacy of some people. Many people do not like censorship because it has been
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