To What Extent Does a Good Film Script Determine the Success of a New Film

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The success of a new film can be defined as either commercial success or critical success. Commercial success is more important to mainstream films, whilst critical success is more important to independent films. A good film script for a mainstream film will be simplistic and predictive so that it appeals to mass audiences. Also the film script will belong to a clear genre and will have a structured storyline. If the majority of the population finds the script of a film to be unclear and hard to understand then they will give their friends that feedback and so people won’t go to see the film, which is especially bad for a mainstream film as they cost millions to produce and rely on commercial success. Also a simple storyline and straight-forward dialogue helps when translating the film for foreign markets thus increasing its commercial success. A good film script can make a new film successful as more people will go and watch it if they have heard good reviews from critics or their friends and family. However, there are many other factors apart from just having a good film script that can determine whether a mainstream film will gain the desired commercial success. The producers want the film to appeal to a mass market so that they can get mass audiences to go see their film. One factor for commercial success is having a successful marketing campaign. They may advertise their film through viral campaigns, social media, TV, billboards and creating a trailer. In order to have this successful marketing campaign, another factor must come into play – budget. A new film can be more successful than another if it has a bigger budget, no matter how good the other film script is, as having more money can allow the film to have better advertising which in turn means more people will go and see it as they know about the film and the release date, and therefore it has
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