Differences of a Movie and a Book

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What are the differences between a book and a movie? 1.) Books and movies are both written. 2.) When watching a movie you can see and hear the details, where as when reading a book you are able to imagine them, and create the pictures in your head. 3.) While writing a book the author only has to imagine it and write it down, but when making a movie the director, producer, and screenplay writer gave to work together to create the scenes, make the special effects, and of course find the perfect actors/ actresses for each major and minor roles. 4.) There is also a considerably more amount of money involved in making a movie. you have to make the scenes, hire the actor, pay the workers, directors, producers, buy the advertisements pay for the reels that the movies are made on, and last but not least they either have to make their own story, or buy the rights from the original author of the story they decide to use. * Besides the obvious , movies condense books for time and economic reasons. The movie may also contain scenes that are not in the book. This is done for several reasons which include the idea that an addition to the movie may enhance the story. *The book has more information about the story while movies are shortened and with less information. Also, for what the producer and director believe will enhance the entertainment aspect of the film, they made add information that was not at all seen in the book. So people should read the books before they watch the movie. The other aspect of the book vs the movie is the instant ability to re-read passages that at first the reader did not totally grasp. *You read a book and you watch a movie. A movie that derives from a book is usually a bit different than the book

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