John Madden's Proof: Comparing The Book And Movie

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Whose is the Proof? The play “Proof” by David Auburn 2001, and the movie Proof directed by John Madden 2005, portray this work of art in two different ways. Both the play and the movie are set in Chicago and tell the story of a young woman named Catherine. In both versions, Catherine is hurting and having flashbacks of when her father was alive. Throughout the film version of Proof, what happens to Catherine is very similar to what happens to her in Auburn’s play. However, the movie is different from the play because it shows the characters in a different light, it takes place in many different settings, and it adds more scenes than the play does. The story lines between the play and the movie have different plots, characters, scenery, and music/sound effects. You will want to read the play to get the best scenario, and leave the movie for the ones who really do not appreciate reading. First of all, the plot of the movie was somewhat similar to the play. Madden did however, change how he told the story. His intentions involved adding more scenes and rearranging them in a different order than what the play did. For instance, he actually filmed the scene when Catherine told her father that she was going back to college in his classroom; whereas, in the play this took…show more content…
The movie, adds so many different scenes that it makes everything apparent. It covers all the aspects so there's nothing to keep you wondering what is going to happen next. The play makes you question the characters' sanity and who you can trust. In both versions, at the end Catherine realizes she is mentally stable and proves to everyone else this point also, when she gives them her proof and they come to realize that she really did write this proof, and her father did
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