The Tempest Book vs. Movie

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The tale concerns the wizard Prospero, who was once the Duke of Milan, but was usurped by his brother Antonio and was cast off to die with his four year old daughter Miranda. Survived, stranded on the island, Prospero enslaved Caliban the island´s sole inhabitant. 12 years later, Alonso the King of Naples sailed back to his kingdom accompanied by his sons Ferdinand and Antonio. Prospero saw his chance of revenge, causing a tempest which wrecked the ship and stranded those on board on his island. The play “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare and the movie version directed by Julie Taymor in 2010 have several significant differences in the characters, relationships and themes. They both have similar themes, such as Good vs. Evil, Revenge vs. Forgiveness, Betrayal, Colonialism and the Illusion of Justice. These themes are both present in the movie and the play, but they are altered by the fact that the main character in the play is Prospero and in the movie it is a witch named Prospera. Comparing the play with the movie, there are several differences in the way the characters are chosen, how they act and how the surrounding is set out. To start off, the main obvious difference between the book and the play is the different gender of the main character. As I´ve said, the main character in the play is Prospero while in the movie it’s a woman named Prospera. The decision to cast a woman in the part changes many of the dynamics between Prospero and others, like the father-daughter relationship vs. a mother-daughter relationship. Shakespeare used a male role as the main character in the play, as generally it is believed that as a man Prospero can show more strength, confidence and valor, while a woman was and is considered shier, weaker and more emotional. I believe that also using Prospero, his eagerness to seek revenge on his brother causes a lot more tension and seems
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