Comparing Madeline L 'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time'

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Compare and Contrast esssy A great book is almost always followed by a movie. They have their similarities and we can always count on the differences. While many care for the visual aid the movie gives, others often care for a little more thinking that the book offers. In Madeline L’engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” the reader can spot major and minor differences between the book and movie, however with those differences the main storyline stay the same. The differences between the to are with the opening of the movie it doesn’t start off with the famous line “It was a dark and stormy night”, instead it starts with Meg in her back yard looking up at the stars having a flashback of shortly before her dad left. This should have started like the book. By…show more content…
W’s or what Meg is going through in her life. Also, the movie adds scenes to the begging like Charles coming from under a blanket and telling the family about teratoma, the human teeth and hairball after Meg calls the twins "human hairballs” and Charles claiming he hears people talking to him in his head after dinner. I feel that the only reason Disney did this was to extend the movie time. Instead of adding useless scenes to the begging, they should have just stuck to the book, regardless if the movie isn’t long enough or not it will still be “good” because that’s the way the book depicts it. In the book when we meet Meg she is described as a homely, awkward, with braces and glasses in the movie she is given a more attractive appeal taking away her glasses and her braces. I feel Disney shouldn’t have done this, because in the book there is a part where after dinner Meg and Calvin O’Keefe (the popular basketball player at her school) take a walk in the Murray’s backyard and Calvin removes Meg’s glasses and tells her, her eyes are beautiful. To make

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