Edge Of America Intercultural Communication Themes

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Personal-Contextual: One example of contextual discourse that you see throughout the movie is Carlys relationship with her boyfriend, is somewhat similar to the relationship that she has with her father. They are both abusive. I get a feeling that she is use to this type of male treatment towards women, so it is almost somewhat of a comfort level with her. Differences-Similarities: All of the team players on the team are there to win, just as the coach is. They have different ideas of how this is going to happen and what team work really means. Even thought the team is happy when they win the game, the coach gets upset, because Carly does not pass the ball. That to him is not teamwork. Cultural-Individual The coach has a hard time teaching to the students in a way that he thinks that it is best for them to learn. He finds that when he has them talk on the radio it is easier for them to verbally get their thoughts across, opposed to writing them down on paper. Another example was when the coach asked the girls to cut their hair, and the other coach let him know that was like cutting off their thoughts. Privilege-Disadvantage The team feels that they are at a disadvantage when they go play state championships. Many of them have never been off of the “res” before. Many of them are financially disadvantaged, the coach goes above and beyond to help these students, he buys them all new uniforms, and he also buys carly new basketball shoes. Static-Dynamic Some of the people on the “res” had a hard time relating to the coach in the beginning of the movie. In the beginning of the movie the little girl feels coach’s hair and tells her mother that it feels like sheeps fur. The students took a while to warm up to the coach also. In the end they didn’t look at him like their coach or teacher, but as his friend. History/Past-Present/Future Here is another

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