Bridge to Terabithia

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Bridge to Terabithia I read this amazing book called Bridge to Terabithia written by Katherine Patterson. I also watched the movie Bridge to Terabithia. Some things to be compared from the book is how Leslie dies, how Jess and Leslie become friends, and how the story ends are the same. Some things that are different are Miss Bessie’s presence, who came in the classroom when Jess was putting the note in Janice’s desk, and when B.T.T. took place. One similarity between the book and movie is how Leslie dies. She is swinging on the rope to go to Terabithia when it snaps and she falls and drowns. Another is how Jess and Leslie become friends. Leslie beats Jess in a race, and they decide to be friends in music class. The last similarity is how the story ends. After Leslie’s death, Jess decides to open up the world of Terabithia to May Belle and made her princess. One difference is that Miss Bessie is in the book and not the movie. Another difference is when Jess is slipping the fake love letter in Janice Avery’s desk, in the movie it is the janitor, but in the book it is a teacher. The last difference is when Bridge to Terabithia took place. In the movie it is in the present, but in the book it is during the late 1970s. I really like both the book and the movie. It is just the part when Leslie dies that’s sad. I enjoy the story beginning to end. I like the book more than the movie. It is a lot less sad than the movie. That’s what I think. My general overview of the similarities and differences are that there really isn’t much difference in the movie and the book. I think they are basically the same from the beginning to end. I think the differences are little details. Other than that, I think it is the best book I’ve read. I recommend reading Bridge to Terabithia, or at least watching the movie. I think it is a wonderful story of imagination and
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