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Eden Robinson Reading Response In the short story “Queen of the North” the author uses a technique of juxtaposing various “snapshots” of events. I think the author uses this because it helps the reader understand why Adelain is the way she is and why she does the things she does. It also helps gives the reader clear snap shots that should stand out to the reader. One of the snap shots that particularly stood out to me was scene of when Adelain was in the living room with her Uncle Josh watching sesame street. During that scene while Adeline was watching Sesame Street her Uncle Josh undoes his pants and rapes her. The reason I say he raped her was because she stated that, “When it’s all over he’ll have treats for me. Its Like when a dentist gives me extra suckers for not crying, not even when it hurts.” (Robinson 293). The Effects that some of these have on the story is that it shows why the reader does the things she does. It also helps explains all the ‘snapshots’ that she has. Also helps the reader get a feeling with the tension that she has against her Uncle Josh. First it starts out by giving you clues of what is going on in Adelains life. One clue was whenever it talks about the dream that Adelain had. During the dream it stated that “I reach in and stop, seeing Uncle Josh’s head, arms and legs squashed inside, severed from the rest of his body. My clothes are soaked dark red with his blood. “Well, what do you know,” I say “ Wishes do come true” (Robinson 292). Another clue that helped was when Adelain was at a party with Ronny and she wanted to tell something but decided not to. So this leads the reader to think that something obviously happened to her that inflicted her. During the party she stated “ As I listened to her leave her guts, I decided I didn’t want to tell her after all.” (Robinson 293). I think this helped connect to the main narratives

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