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The Outsider is a really good book and movie but there are some differences between them. S.E. Hinton wrote the book, which led to the movie. She even plays as the nurse in the movie. The theme is that you have to stick together and in both the movie and the book that happen. It is important because if they didn’t stick together they probably would be dead in both the movie and the book In the movie they had the same story line like the rumble was about the same and they save the kids from the burning church. But they left out about soda’s horse called Mickey Mouse. Then when the rumble happened they fought and it left out about how one of Tim Shepard’s gang had picked up a lead pipe and used it against the Soces. Instead of just being at home after the visiting Johnny in the hospital like in the movie. Pony boy had to get a ride from this guy who saw he was bleeding and got him home. The setting was another thing that had some differences between the movie and the book. When they’re on Jay Mountain the book describes the land around Jay Mountain and the sky really well. But in the movie they just show a picture of them standing there with an orange sky and a very little bit of dirt was shown reciting the poem. In both the book and the movie they describe the rumble about the same because when they first start Darry and one of his old friends who is a socs fight and when pony boy gets in trouble Darry helps him. In the movie and the book there couch any one could sleep on it. In both the movie and the book Tim Shepard was there when pony boy came down to start breakfast. Johnny in the book was a quite person who stayed in the back and didn’t say much but in the movie he seemed to be more talkative they’re the same because he gets burned and his back gets broke when he saved the kids in the burning church. He stabs bob with the switchblade

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