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The Shawshank Redemption (Differences) - One of the minor changes that occurred in the translation from book to movie was that the lead guards come and go in the book version, but Byron Hadley is the lead guard until the very end in the movie version. - In the film, Norton is the warden the entire duration, but in the novel there are 2 other wardens prior to Norton. - However, in the novel, Norton quietly resigns after Andy escapes whereas, in the film, when Andy escapes and makes Norton's crimes known, Norton commits suicide in his office rather than allow himself to be arrested. - The endings in book and movie were changed up some the book ends with Red en route to find Andy in Mexico but not sure that he will, ending with the words "I hope." The movie shows Red finding Andy on the beach in Mexico. This final scene in the movie shows that Red meets up with Andy. This never happens in the book. - Andy did not steal Warden Norton’s shoes and clothes in the novel, and he did not ask Heywood for a line of rope. However, in the movie Andy did do these things. - Andy goes through two rock hammers while making his hole. He only uses one in the movie. In the novel. - In the novel, Tommy Williams was sent to another prison, however in the movie he was murdered by one of the guards, and Norton was the setup. - The arrival of new prisoners. In the movie, the veteran prisoners bet on which of the new prisoners would be the one to cry and/or make a fuss. This was not in the story, although there was a brief mention near the end about "crybaby" prisoners, and how Andy wasn't one of them. - Warden Norton. In the movie, Andy kept a second set of books for the warden, who was hidden in a safe in the wall, and he funneled money into an account under an assumed name. When he escaped (wearing a set of the warden's

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