How Did Grimms Enhance The Stories Or Distort Them With The Changes They Made?

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Lucy Alix Essay 1 5. I'll ask this question repeatedly, because thinking about editing makes for great insights into literature, its purposes and its audiences: did the Grimms enhance the stories or distort them with the changes they made? They obviously thought they were improving the stories--what do you think? It is hard to tell if they enhanced them or distorted them without knowing the original. I think they distorted the story because they added punishment to the bad characters. I believe they thought they were improving them and maybe adding some moral tones to the story. After reading the stories I found a lot of violence then other versions I have read or watched. I believe the telling of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Beauty and the best by Disney is an improvement from Grimms. Disney added more of a magical feel to the story and took out of some the violence. They replaced it with a different way of showing the violence such as making the step mother mean and nasty. Revised Answer: Without past knowledge of the original telling of the Grimms collection of stories, I found it difficult to tell if there was distortion of the original stories.…show more content…
I do not think that small children, under the age of 6, truly have a understanding on violence and how it works. As a child myself, I remember Wiley Coyote falling off of a cliff chasing the Roadrunner. After he fell, 2 seconds later he would pop back up and something else would harm him. It presented a false sense of security in that something bad can happen and you will be just fine a minute later. If I were to actually fall from a high cliff, I would likely die. Yosemite Sam shoots Bugs Bunny and Bugs is popping up again minutes later. Yet a 4 year old who shoots his 6 year old neighbor doesn't understand why his friend isn't getting up after he shot him playing with his dad's
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