The Jilting of Granny Wetherall

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| The Jilting of Granny Weatherall | Drama Essay | | Cassidy Soehnlein | 12/13/2012 | Professor Shoff ENC1102 | Drama opens many doors for directors because there is a whole new variety of devices one can use to portray a mood or get the reader to feel as the actors do. A book has a theme, symbols, falling actions, a subplot, and many more that are shared with films as well. However, when you read a book you are creating an image in your head as opposed to a film where the viewers are given the image in a completely different way. In Katherine Ann Porter's, The Jilting of Granny Weatherall, many symbols, themes and hints of foreshadowing are presented, but throughout my work I want to analyze all the conflicts that are introduced in this film and what the solutions to those problems are. Throughout the film, many conflicts arise with Granny Weatherall. The storyline presents an internal conflict as Granny is struggling against her own physical limitations, such as her age and the illness she has. It is also told from a stream of consciousness point of view as we know all of Granny’s thoughts and reactions. Some internal conflicts include Granny Weatherall against herself when she tries her hardest to forget about her lover in her twenties, George. She looks back on times when George jilted her and tries to leave it in the past. Granny wants to see George and tell him that she’s forgotten him and has had a rich life, when in reality she can’t get him out of her mind. She wants him to know that she has everything he took from her and has become a stronger woman because of him. As she thinks these thoughts, however, it occurs to her that there’s something she’s still missing. A terrible pain cuts through her. She imagines that she’s in labor and must send John for the doctor. She believes that after she gives birth to this last baby, she will

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