Into The Wild Book Vs Movie Essay

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There have been many books in today’s world that have been converted to Hollywood movies. Some of these books include Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. In all movies that are based off books, the director tries to incorporate the main idea and theme of the book into the story. However, there are always some differences between the two versions. The same thing happens to Into the Wild. While these differences don’t make the movie bad, it produces a different type of McCandless. There are not just differences, but also many similarities between the book and the movie. The most significant difference that can be seen between the movie and the book is that the movie tries to incorporate a relationship between Chris McCandless and other people. The book is more of an autobiography of Chris taken from the notes and letters he wrote. The movie makes Chris seem like a person who is likable and forms good relations with other people. On…show more content…
For example, the details that the book provided, the movie was able to provide. It gave the viewers the basic story of how Chris McCandless went to Alaska, and what challenges he face while going there. For example, the movie shows all the events between the bad relationship between Chris and his parents. This similarity was really important because the bad relationship was one of the reasons that Chris decided to go in to the wild and leave society. The book included the part of how the relationship slowly and slowly steadily worsened between his parents, and how at the end, it reached a climatic point where Chris couldn’t stand his family anymore. In addition, the movie does a really good job bringing the other people that McCandless meets in his journey. For example, the movie includes Wayne Westerberg who is really important for McCandless. All these characters are really important because they have impacted Chris a lot in his

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