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Into The Wild Essay

  • Submitted by: jovany2008
  • on May 30, 2011
  • Category: English
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Jovany Nieto
Honors English, Period 1
5 April 2011

In a well-written essay, examine the ways in which the movie, Into the Wild, presents the character of Christopher McCandless. Does it seem to struggle with resolving the conflicting points of view regarding who he was, as the book does?

Either by viewing the film or reading the novel, Into the Wild presents the internal conflict to the reader or audience. Within the novel, Krakauer writes about Chris McCandless’ fate early on within the book, whereas in the movie, the audience has to, in a sense wait until the end to learn about his untimely demise. Either through the words of Krakauer, or the point-of-view brought upon Sean Penn’s film, we examine the character of Christopher McCandless as a young man look for freedom in a rather unusual way.

`The film’s adaptation of the novel differs from Jon Krakauer’s novel in the sense that Penn doesn’t present the information of Christopher McCandless; describing how he is a young man, from a well-to-do family, who also has academic excellence. With all this accomplishment, one would think of progressing on with life, as would any other person would, but not McCandless. He decides to leave his “perfect life paradox” and go into the wild. In a sense, we as the audience get to know who Chris tries to be, which is his own person, and not living “like the others”. In the novel, we read about how Chris does a numerous amount of things to get out of the “perfect life paradox” that he is living, such as changing his name from Christopher McCandless to using an alias, Alexander Supertramp. Also, Chris soon after heading out to live his life, we learn that he plans to go to Alaska, and how he becomes a hitchhiker and becoming somewhat of a transcendentalist along the way. With the aid of Krakauer, Jim Gallien, the man who drove Alex as far as he could into the Alaskan wilderness, said, “Alex’s backpack looked as though it weighed only twenty-five or thirty...

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