Comparative Essay Perfume Book and Movie.

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Perfume. Although having a simple two syllable title, it is a rather intricate, entrancing and engrossing movement that is turned into both film and novel, that leaves the reader and watcher moved. Although the storyline of Perfume is the same in both movie and book there are many differences that are present and observed in both, some large, some small. These differences and similarities allow Perfume to capture an essence that is different in both book and film, major differences being listed below; these including: Omissions, Additions, Adaptions and Characterisations. Perfume has many emphasising changes within the plot, many oversights and omissions of scenes from the film as well as sections from the novel; some obvious and large, others small and minor. The main purpose is due to the lack of time the film has, having to largely compress the timeline of ‘high important and major’ events, in order to signify and push forward the key concepts and main ideas from Tom Tykwer’s perspective in comparison to Suskind’s novel. The storyline in both book and film revolve around an unusual and original basis that captures and drags the reader/audience’s emotions, creating the feeling of obligation. The beginning of the film began with Grenouille enclosed and restricted in a jail cell- an event that was to happen much later during the timeline according to the storyline and novel. Director Tom Twyker chose to set the introduction of the film out this way as it created similar effect on the audience in comparison to the first paragraph of the book; it made you think to yourself how? Why? This introductory adapted the audience’s attention as well as entranced and engrossed their minds. The beginning of the film showed the evil aspects, principles and attributions of Grenouilles character; the notorious beginning assisted the audience with forming a profile of who and
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