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Compare and Contrast In the book the Kite Runner you get an abundant amount of detail describing the characters, and their lives. Though through the transition of making the book into a movie there is some details that were not filled or added. Making the two different in some ways, and the same in others. Assef is a character in the book that fits into this category perfectly. He was described as a bully in the book, which is the same as in the movie. But, certain things such as his attributes were different between the two while others were the same. Assef's appearance was one element that was completely different between the book, and film. In the book he was described as a blond haired, blue-eyed boy who towered over the other children. He was said to use his brass knuckles to gain respect, and to make people afraid of him. It was exactly this that made him seem so much more threatening than other boys. However, the Assef we met in the film was an ordinary Afghanistan boy. Though he was a bully, and walked within his circles as if he owned them, he did not seem as frightening as in the book. A characteristic that is truly presented in both the film and book is the fact that Assef is a bully. From the beginning to the end of the book Assef is always presented as a bully. This is the same for the movie. From the rape of Hassan to the…show more content…
From the beginning to end Assef is one of the authoritative leaders. Assef even at the end of the book seems to be one of the more dominant people, almost as though he is second in command. In order for Amir to get Sohrab he had to go through many people to see the leader in charge. Yet Assef showed his power by not allowing Amir to see him, and instead fighting him if he wanted to take Sohrab. In the movie it seemed as though Assef just wanted to fight Amir, and he could take Sohrab after. Yet in the book Assef fought Amir to see who would keep

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