Adaptation Of Pay It Forward

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Shantel Wilson English Essay 2 Adaptation is the taking on of new skills or adjusting your own to make your environment suitable to live in. When making a book into a feature film there certain aspects of a book that are changed to fit all into a movie while maintaining the integrity and keeping the moral, plot, and meaning of the book. The book Pay It Forward was turned into a movie and of course additions and omissions were made but the plot and moral of the story remained the same. When comparing the book to the film the first thing to notice that was dramatically different was the name and description of the teacher. In the book his name is Ruben St. Clair and is a forty four year old black male who is also a war vet meanwhile the movie has him as a white male with burn scars all over his face named Eugene Simonet. I don’t think this difference takes away from the story or changes anything because these two characters are very unlikely to ever be in or try to pursue a relationship with the mother of Trevor McKinney, Arlene McKinney. Arlene is a beautiful Caucasian woman who Eugene from the movie wouldn’t even have the thought of her being attracted to him solely because of his physical disfigurement. Ruben would also be an unlikely match for her because of his race. A scene that was completely changed from the book was when Trevor began his journey of “paying it forward” and choosing a homeless man to be his first person. The book focuses on homeless person named Jerry who finds a newspaper and it has an ad saying that there was a free giveaway of money and would be given to anyone down on their luck and to meet them at a specific address. When Jerry gets there is a line of people and Trevor was there standing in front of them. They looked at him and some of them left because they thought it was a joke. In order for Trevor to pick a person to help
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