The Summer Of Skinny Dipping

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The Summer of Skinny Dipping a novel by Amanda Howells. Sixteen year old Mia Gordon and her family go to the Hamptons in New York to stay at her Aunt and Uncle’s beach house for the whole summer. Mia is really excited to see her cousin Corrine, who's the same age, and they are really close whenever they get together. However, since the last time Mia saw her, Corrine has transformed into a beautiful, and snobby, socialite, who likes to party and spend her parents' money. Mia does not fit in as well as she thought with her cousin Corrine or Corrine’s upscale friends. One night at a party Corrine ditched Mia for her other friends, let’s just say when one door closes another opens. The main theme portrayed in The Summer of Skinny Dipping is one that most teens can relate to. The theme is about overcoming inhibitions. Mia is surrounded by many people who look as if they should be on the cover of Vogue magazine with their slender sun kissed bodies, making Mia feel ugly and not good enough. It did not help when Mia’s mom called Mia fat, that led Mia to have all sorts of body image problems. As Mia hangs out with Simon more and more she starts to realize that she is beautiful just the way she is. Simon’s one liners like ‘letting go’ and ‘just living in the moment’ really helped Mia to figure who she truly is and to not worry about what others think about her. The tone that the author set was complication and romance. Mia’s relationship with Simon was romantic and made you feel as if you were Simons girlfriend, however when it comes to Mia’s family everything is just a blur. The mood set in this novel was a happy and suspenseful mood once I got right into the book I could not put it down because the suspense was building up so high. In this perfectly crafted summer book, Mia Gordon finds herself looking to run away from love and lose herself in the sea off of Long Island.

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