Barbie Doll Essay

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Barbie Doll In Marge Piercy’s Barbie Doll he use descriptive diction, appalling sarcasm, and appealing ethos to exemplify her theme of negative peer pressure. First, she uses descriptive diction to not only show the character but give out the effect of negative peer pressure. She starts with words that describe a normal young girl who plays with “dolls that did pee-pee and miniature GE stoves and irons and wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy”. All these words describe the average toys that a girl child play with. Then the author uses the word “magic” to describe puberty as if it is something spectacular. Once puberty occurs the girl is accused of having a “great big nose and fat legs” which are looked down at in modern society. Even though she is also acknowledged as “healthy” and “tested intelligent” which is something most try and fail to achieve she goes around “apologizing” for her looks. This plainly demonstrates negative peer pressure since all she can focus on is the negative aspects of her life and no matter how she good she is in everything else “everyone saw a fat nose on thick legs”. Some advised her to “play coy” a trait many girls go by while others told her to be “hearty”, fit in with the boys, neither of these were her. “Exercise, diet, smile, and wheedle” she was told which would definitely change her appearance. The negative peer pressure drove her to cut off her nose and legs. She “offered them up” as if they were a sacrifice and with out them she could truly gain beauty. At her funeral she had a “putty” nose the perfect one most would say and pink and white “nightie” to heighten her sex appeal. “Consummation at last”. Her diction shows negative peer pressure at its best. The negative peer pressure consumed the girl. Every where around her was pressure to either be “coy” or just simply fit in with the boys. The negative peer pressure wore
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