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“Jinxed Emotions” In the short story, Jinx, Aimee Bender focuses on two young girls, Tina and Cathy, who are inseparable. They enter a poster store to discover a very cute boy. One of the girls ends up kissing the boy and the other girl goes home. This act ends up ruining their friendship. Bender carries the reader through the life and mind of these teenage girls. The language in this story presents a sequence of emotions and issues that range from body image, insecurity, betrayal, and jealousy. Bender brings to life the heart wrenching issue of body image that most teenage girls face. The story starts by describing the new butts that each girl received as, “a gift from the god of time.” (178). Therefore the girls have just hit puberty and are discovering themselves in a whole new way. They are very critical of themselves from this point on. “One was complaining to the other that she thought her butt was more heart than bubble and that she wanted bubble. And her friend [Cathy] said she thought heart was the best.” (178). Later in the story, when Tina is kissing the cute boy from the poster store, she continues to judge herself while thinking “how it [the skirt] had held in her butt and if she had been wearing that plastic skirt now, and he held her butt, it would remind him of a bubble, not a heart. I do not want guys to feel my butt and think of hearts.” (179). At the end of the story, after Cathy has gone looking for Tina and does not find her she goes home. She then does something interesting. “She went and looked at herself in the mirror for an hour and felt terrible even though she liked the pose of her left profile best.” (180). Both Tina and Cathy, like most other teenage girls, do not feel comfortable in their own skin. Both Cathy and Tina consistently critique and judge their own bodies against what the media portrays as normal. The start
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