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Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, is a Touchstone Pictures production, comedy flick starring Lisa Kudrow (Friends), as Michelle and Oscar award winning actress Miro Sorvino as Romy and Co-Star Janeane Garofalo as Heather Moony. Director of this hit film is David Mirkin and is produced by Rickard Luke Rothschild. Best Friends, Romy and Michelle, are two young women living in Los Angeles, living a laidback lifestyle full of parting and fun. After 10 years of living carefree, an old school college (Heather Mooney) reminds them of the upcoming 10 year reunion which they are invited too. After a moment of high school flash backs including Romy being fat and Michelle with a back brace, they realize that their lives are not so impressive and yet want to impress everyone attending the reunion, but most of all, to impress the “A” group and its leader, Christie Masters. As the girls try to instantly re-invent their life by Romy getting themselves boyfriends while Michelle getting a job at a high end fashion boutique, and both losing a couple of pounds (which they fail at) they realize its all too hard and soon give up. While they both complain about how unfit they are to impress their peers, Romy gets the idea to impost businesswoman after Michelle believes that the models in the executive women suits page in vogue are real businesswomen. While Michelle makes their disguises, Romy goes to her work to borrow a car from her Latino mechanic work fellow “Ramon”, who isn’t so shy about his sexual attraction towards Romy. Michelle eventually scores a hot car for a while in exchange to fake having sex with him while Ramon’s co-workers listen. As they travel to their old home town in Tuscan, including a stop at a diner looking for “businesswomen specials”, they realised that they didn’t really thought about what their whole story was about. As Romy gets the idea to

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