Great Gatsby Essay on Symbolism and Characterisation

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When two people marry it should be because they love each other not because of money and the pressures from you family. F. Scott Fitzgerald describes the lives of Daisy and Tom Buchanan and also Daisy’s former lover, Jay Gatsby. In this novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ the conflict occurs when Daisy is about to marry Tom but finds out that Gatsby wants to resurrect their previous relationship. Family pressure, money and love are ideas presented in the passage through characterisation and symbolism and the reader is encouraged to disagree with Daisy’s actions. In many families there are conflicts or disagreements. Daisy Fae had a conflict with her family over Jay Gatsby. Daisy loved him, but her family didn’t want her seeing him again because they didn’t approve of him. It quotes on page 73 ‘She was eventually prevented, but she wasn’t on speaking terms with her family for several weeks’. This shows that although Daisy loved him she chose her family over him even though she wasn’t very happy with the decision. For many people money is an important aspect of life. Daisy found money and social status very important in order to keep her somewhat ‘happy’ by getting anything she wanted. Tom Buchanan gave Daisy lots of material things in order to do this. For example of page 74, it quotes that Daisy receives ‘a string on pearls’ the day before her wedding to Tom but also on the same say she also get a letter from her former lover Gatsby, gets drunk after reading it and has a moment where she hesitates about marrying Tom but after she sobers up she ‘squeezed it up in a wet ball……And walked out of the room, the pearls around her neck and the incident was over’ as it also quotes on pages 74 and 75. This shows that she just wasn’t to forget about Gatsby and marry Tom for they money because of the fact that she puts the pearls around her neck, continues to marry Tom even

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