The Meaning of the Concept of Flexible Learning

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Task 1 The meaning of the concept of flexible learning is the opportunity for students to tailor the way information is physically and mentally received. Adaptability and ease of access are quite essential to the program as some students need to feel like they have a little control over their learning routine. Personal circumstances can change and to broaden the spectrum of people seeking higher education a more open approach is needed. Thus, we identified flexible learning as a complex domain and one that could be experienced in many different ways. We have also seen some of the opportunities as well as constraints that will confront translating abstractions into practice. The demand is here, the demand is real and we must proceed. The next step is to consider components of flexible learning in the higher- education setting that interact with one another to determine the success of the change process towards more-flexible learning. (Collis 201, p.17) Educators recognising this have endeavoured to provide greater flexibility, not just in course content, but also how it's conveyed to the learner through delivery, timing and medium. Digital media, such as online courses and content, have been crucial in this and have given rise to an educational awakening for many who couldn't otherwise attend a campus. This way a larger, more diverse group of learners, can be attracted to higher education as limitations which would normally deter them are being challenged and changed. Task 2 Flexible delivery can definitely make education more equitable by making it more available. There are factors that do see it somewhat unfair to certain disadvantaged groups of individuals but for the majority of tertiary education seekers the desire to learn will usually prevail. Anderson and Simpson (2007) look at how far online education has progressed in quite a
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