D1: Development Effective Communication

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Unit 6: Development effective communication in health and social care. D1: Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others. Introduction: In this task I will evaluate how personal learning and development to benefit others in order ,also I will explain some of my strength and weakness of how I have used my learning styles and encouragement to support others such as classmates , friends and service users. to answer this criterion. Personal Development is such a broad trade. It sorts from physical fitness to increasing your income to recuperating your frame of mind. Personal Development is the act of developing yourself and as you develop, so will your atmosphere. Personal learning and development also benefits others if you support your learning. Learning is a progression by which we gain knowledge, skills and an understanding of abstract concepts. You start learning from birth and the learning process continues through formal schooling and even right through to adulthood. It is important a individual to understand their learning strengths and challenges, as it can support a person to be more successful. For example if a individual recognizes their challenges this could help a person to understand why certain things are difficult. So in this case a person might work very hard to develop strategies to be successful in spite of these challenges. Learning is very important in our life and rewards us in numerous of different ways and it is the key in our future. Only a individual can learnt and can be educate to understand how important is to learning new skills. On the other hand if you are a educated person you could also support people around you to encourage them to get education like you. I am going to look at a certain group to create an appropriate evaluation. The group I have chosen are my classmates. I will begin by discussing in
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