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COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assessment 3: Reflective essay Rachael Robins – 7714416 Word count - 1200 In this paper, I will reflect on my experiences throughout this unit while researching, using and evaluating online resources. I will discuss how my thought process has expanded, I will provide detailed examples, and also discuss how my ideas have changed in terms of evaluating the credibility for future research and writing. The advantages and disadvantages of working within an online group setting will also be reflected upon. I will reflect on how I will continue to overcome the limitations I experienced throughout this task, as well as how I will implement the limitations in future online group collaboration. I will…show more content…
I have learned how to evaluate these sources effectively in order for them to support my work. Knowing the motive behind the page and its information will help me judge the credibility of its content in the future. I now know how important it is to use the same evaluation techniques for internet sources as I would for a book or journal article. I have discovered the importance of acknowledging the work of others, and now have a clear understanding of how an online source is used, whether it be scholarly or non scholarly. I now have more confidence in terms of using online literature as a part of an assessment. I also feel as if I have made great progress while working in an online group. I have learned the skill of being able to utilise online publishing tools, and which of those are considered to be useful. By using a process of evaluation I have been able to distinguish which online sources are relevant to me, I have a much clearer idea on how to strengthen my own work by using supportive literature. At first I was very nervous about finding information online and the online collaboration, but being a part of this unit was extremely empowering and it has taught me to be more understanding of each individual situation when working collaboratively. I will take all of this information on board and no doubt use it in my future
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