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What motivates me to apply at George Washington University There are numerous reasons that motivate me to apply at George Washington University. These reasons have generated a spiritual or emotional surge in myself to choose George Washington University for further education in order to fulfill my academic(career)objectives successfully. To start off George Washington University’s acknowledgment,credibility and reputation in the education world would provide me a competitive edge over the other students and also a great level of personal esteem. This university has tied with many well-known and emerging organizations and government agencies both educatiioonal and business orientated so it would help me excel in my professional career.…show more content…
In order to thrive and productive in my career, GW will provide me the required learning about exceptional management and leadership. It will add technology talent and provide access to leading research and resources with the guidance of renowned faculty members. The numerous of outstanding faculty experts from GW with recognized community leaders and talent will improve and enhance my quality of learning. GW faculty experts, public officials, and outspoken observers provide details on various topics and it would broaden my knowledge base.One potential motivating key factor to apply is that GW has been able to create supreme educational and research experiences, and challenge conservative wisdom. With this tradition, GW has committed their resources and expertise to provide the very best that GW has to offer in engineering, management, and technology. This will provide me chance to search for innovative ways for my profession to become more responsive that is proactive. Here I will be motivated to work in partnership with GW to build critical or vital competencies that will develop a sense of achievement. Beside above mentioned these factors some also motivates me; receiving tuition discounts, gaining access to library research services, receiving complimentary invitations to seminars, and opportunities to participate in special events, use of meeting rooms and other facilities, and multiple teaming relationships provide several reasons to my interest to apply at George Washington

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