Promoting Inclusion Equality and Diversity

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Promoting Inclusion Equality And Diversity Within Learners Theory 3 As a tutor my aim is for the students to gain competence in and a full understanding of the subject. In order for students to do this it is important for the tutor to be mindful of the issues concerning equality, diversity and Inclusion. In terms of equality and diversity the relevant factors we must be sensitive to when teaching are disability, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity and race, age, religious beliefs and economic and social needs of the students. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of individual students are what make teaching so exciting and challenging. The tutor needs to employ a number of strategies to promote inclusive learning to ensure that all the students are involved in the learning process. A ground floor venue would be the preferred option for those who need wheelchair access. For students that have a disability (such as being blind or deaf, etc.) it may be useful for the student to have learning support whilst attending the classes. Carefully prepared resources can also help with inclusive learning. Any resources need to be in plain English, avoid unnecessary jargon. When it comes to actually teaching the tutor can use a number of techniques to encourage inclusive learning. These include using different learning styles such as differentiation and varying the activities and interaction between the students. It's understood that different people assimilate information with different learning styles such as auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic methods. Understanding your students abilities and needs will ensure the right balance of methods and activities to be used. Other points of referral which are available to meet the potential needs of students include: Discretionary Learner support fund, Citizens Advice Bureau, Job Centre Plus, Deaf Association,

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