The Loaded Dog

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Title: Life with the Retriever Dog Title of the short story/novel: The Loaded Dog Author: Henry Lawson Date: 3.3.2009 Short story written by Henry Lawson, The Loaded Dog has humorous storyline concerns Bush miners Dave, Jim, and Andy are sinking a shaft at Stony Creek in search of gold and devise a unique method of catching fish by blowing them up with an explosive cartridge and their dog Tommy lights the fuse in the fire and chases them. His behaviour shows and contributes that how close of the bond between human and dog relation and dog as an important friend. I was drawn into the humour of the story from the beginning. Dave Regan, Andy Page and Jim Bentley own a big black, young retriever dog named Tommy, "an overgrown pup... a big, foolish, four-footed mate."(62) Tommy is described as having a red, idiotic slobbering grin of appreciation of his own silliness. The memorable quote is Tommy also retrieves the three men when they go in swimming. Tommy jump into water to after them and use his paws to scratch their naked bodies. This sentence is so funny. Maybe Tommy will bring a lot of trouble that unnecessary but the feeling is so good. It gives me a feeling that the men love him and he is loyal to them too. The Loaded Dog is a popular short story by Henry Lawson who makes the story line humorous, comical and laughs a minute adventure. After reading this book, I have a kind of feeling want to have a pet which is can accompany me and share the everything in life with

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