The Three Little Pigs

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Three Little Pigs: A Literary Analysis Three Little Pigs, created by the illustrious organization of Walt Disney, is a very famous children’s book and a classic of its time. However, there are not many that have considered its crucial structural and thematic components. At a further consideration of such components, this conventional children’s book becomes one of literary strength. One of the most interesting aspects of this book is the bold character development and the reflection of their individual characteristics shown through their actions. Almost immediately, the development and description of the first little pig is introduced. Also, it describes the house which the first little pig built. “The first little pig did not like to work at all. He quickly built himself a house of straw”. These two lines follow each other consistently, and appear on the first page. This is interesting due to the fact the other two little pigs get a far deeper description of their particular houses and idiosyncrasies. Although short and sweet, this description sums up the predominant message the author wants to convey; the first little pig is lazy and naive. The rather quick and vague description of the first little pig leads the reader to believe he will be of less importance as a character, but possibly more useful as a structural tool to further develop plot by connecting events. “Then he danced down the road, to see how his brothers were getting along”. He is quickly used to progress plot wise to the next little pig followed by the progression of character in the second little pig. The description of the second little pig is considerably longer, but interestingly combines and compares the first and second little pig. “He did not like to work any better than his brother, so he had decided to build a quick and easy house of sticks”. The relation does not stop with

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