Streetcar Named Desire Opening Scene

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A streetcar named desire is a play with elements of tragedy, pathos and suspense as well. Tennessee Williams uses various tones for the plat in the opening scenes. He does it through the characters of Stella, Stanley and especially Blanche. The blue piano playing throughout the play is used to convey the sad moments in Blanche’s life. There are critical moments in the play and it usually occurs when Blanche fell apart. Tennessee Williams set the background as dull; we can feel that it is not a normal atmosphere. Through this, we can say that the play is filled with sadness. The actions takes place in New Orleans on an evening early in May, in front of an apartment on a street car named Elysian Field. In Greek mythology Elysian Field means Heaven, the place where Greek heroes or those favored by God went after death. When Blanche says that she took “A streetcar named desire and then…one cemetery,” Williams seems to say that Desire leads to death and death leads to heaven. The opening scene introduces us to the characteristics of Stanley Kowalski. He enters in a bowling jacket and in work clothes and is carrying ‘a red stained package.” He throws the raw meat to Stella, his wife who catches and laughs breathlessly. The neighbor also laugh over the packaging of meat describe as an obvious sex symbol. This scene therefore shows Stanley as the crude man. We can also note that the laughing can be used as a means of Seduction. The relationship between Stanley and Stella says, “I can hardly stand it when he’s away one night…” We can also see that Stella and Stanley’s relationship is very friendly. Even if they always good relations in a very short time. Like, when Stanley beats Stella, he still went to fetch her at Eunice place. The opening scene also set a tone of common place brutality and reality into which the delicate Blanche is about to appear. She is dressed in
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