The Importance Of Supporting Teaching And Learning Environment

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Introduction Creating and maintaining a positive learning environment ensures that learners are successful in their goals. By supporting them physically, socially and personally trainers and teachers can facilitate this. It can be achieved by ensuring that the learners feel safe in the environment where they are being taught not just by taking in to account the layout and accessibility of the classroom or health and safety issues but also how the individual learners feel and identifying their needs. Identifying and Meeting Learners Needs So that you can promote equality and diversity you must first identify and understand your learners’ needs - whether they have boundaries such as dyslexia or other learning difficulty or a physical disability that could limit…show more content…
This does not just mean safe in physical terms but also psychologically and emotionally. A health and safety risk assessment can be carried out on the classroom or area where the training will take place to ensure that it doesn’t pose any physical risk, such as trip or electrical hazards. The trainer/teacher should also consider the temperature of the area where the learners are expected to work ensuring it is comfortable for example opening a window after the lunch break could help everyone to wake up and pay attention – from experience afternoon sessions can be difficult to concentrate in!! Consideration should also be given to the layout of the classroom in terms of seating arrangements, for example traditional class room layouts may not allow collaborative working. The classroom should always be clean and well lit – it pays to check prior to the class starting and may mean you have to arrive a bit earlier if you have not used the room before however you may not always be able to control these
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