Develop Positive Relationships with Children, Young People and Others Involved in Their Care

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Unit 5 Develop Positive Relationship with Children, Young People and Others involved in their care. 1.1 These are important because in my role as Registered Care Worker my job is to promote the well being and safety of the children/young people in my care, to provide good care and to support and assist them by endeavouring to provide learning opportunities and leisure activities. I also try to build good relationships and provide continued care to promote the above at all times. Young people need to have strong relationships with the staff to feel comfortable and secure to promote a healthy happy wellbeing and they are less likely to show unwanted behaviour. From staff point of view a close relationship means I can learn to recognise the young persons needs and I am better able to meet these needs. 1.2 I ensure that I take the time to listen to the young person and provide a fair attitude whilst ensuring that I am sensitive and discreet (where appropriate), I make sure that I am respectful and courteous to the young person and my body language is positive by keeping eye contact. I try to be consistent as much as possible in any decisions/opinions I make. I try and ensure that I keep any promises I make and honour any commitments. 1.3 I attempt get feedback from others who are actively involved in the young persons life, this could be from my Manager, other colleagues or other professionals in the young persons care. I assess what worked and what didn’t with the young person’s in my care and try and identify what I could of done better, and how to develop my personal role to achieve my personal goals. In order to promote and build good relationships. 2.1 These are important because I need to be able to provide the best possible support and care to the young people in my care. Ensuring their safety and learning development is promoted at all times. The

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