The Importance Of Involvement In School Essay

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For those of us who attend public schools, there is a question of whether it is our responsibility or our right to an excellent education? If it is our responsibility then we should question why some students have a nonchalant attitude that can reflect on their parents? If it is our right, then why must we see school districts struggle to obtain and retain qualified teachers and state accreditation? For students, the future of the world, to really prosper in their education, they have to be guided or even forced to move in the right direction. The problem is that the message of guidance is not getting across to some of us. That is the conflict with not only students, but parents as well. Many parents are not in sync with their children. This includes helping with homework, attending parent conferences, or even asking how the child’s day was at school. I do understand the busy lifestyles of mothers and fathers in this day and age, but ignoring your child is not an option. My next point is of the teachers and other school staff. Teachers are a very big part in the continuation of education by students. If there were no advisers, knowledge and education would be nonexistent. Every teacher should be willing and able to guide any student; willing to learn or not. However, some students may have a behavioral problem, which in turn leads back to parents. So, in a way I can comprehend the frustrations teachers strain through in teaching students. However, that same educator was the one to choose the occupation, and must be able to do their job to satisfaction. My proposal for students, school staff, and parents is to come together as one. If that means weekly conferences with all, so be it. Children are considered the future, and deserve the best in knowledge and education. If no connection is given, you have no one to blame but yourself for not putting forth the

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