Bell Hooks The Cost Of Education

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The Price of Education One thing that many people do not think about when choosing to acquire an education is the effect it may have on their relationships with friends and family. For some, there may be no change in the family dynamic, but others may feel the need to distance themselves from their families if they deem their family intellectually inferior or a hindrance to their goals of academic success. Richard Rodriguez took the approach that it was indeed necessary to isolate himself from his family in order to attain his educational goals. Bell hooks takes a completely opposite approach to her education. She feels it necessary to maintain a strong grasp of her roots and a strong relationship with her family. I tend to agree with hooks…show more content…
Hook is from a working-class background in a small Kentucky town. She attended Stanford University, a predominantly rich, white school in California. Hooks’ premise is that one needs to keep a firm grasp of their roots, to never forget where you come from and to maintain the values with which you were raised. Hooks describes the class the difference she experienced at Stanford, she being a working-class, poor, black woman from a small rural town versus her materially privileged fellow students. Hooks mentions that she did not share the sensibility and values of her peers. She says “class was not just about money; it was about values which showed and determined behavior.” Hooks was adamant about not losing the values she obtained from her family back home in Kentucky. She felt that she did not need a new set of beliefs and values. As an example hooks describes how shocked and disturbed she felt when her peers would talk about their parents without respect, or would even say that they hated their parents. It was explained to her that such hatred was “healthy and normal”. Hooks could not fathom that thought, given that she was taught to value her parents and their care, to understand that they were obligated to give children care. This shows the respect hooks had for her parents and that being in a culturally different…show more content…
In some instances I could see if a family member, or student for that matter, would feel resentment for that individual bettering themselves. This is not the case at all with my family. Everyone wants to see me better myself and become successful in my chosen field. As my education continues, I feel no sense of, or need for, separation from family and friends. I still talk about the usual things with the same set of friends I have had since high school. My friends, like my family, hold no ill will towards me getting an education. In fact, they are all for it and ask me why I did not pursue an education earlier. I can say with a degree of certainty that if not for the support of my friends and family, I would not have been able to sustain my desire for a better

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