The Genetic Impact on Fitness Levels

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The Genetic Impact on Fitness Levels Genetics has an impact on many things in life and when it comes to the physical attributes to a person it can make you a better athlete by improving your strength, endurance, and overall appearance. Fitness has been around for many generations and for some people it came easier than others. Being in physical shape may make the individual look better but it is also about physical health and living a long healthy life. This is why genetics can make a difference for the way your body reacts as you move on in life and deal with life struggles, the changes that are experienced, as well as health problems. Some may ask, what exactly are great genes? Genes are not necessarily defined as great but we may get jealous or envious for the way some people engaged in certain activities so we define them as great. For example, Michael can be lifting for years and finally get to the point where he is happy to see results. Then his buddy John, that has the same attributes as Michael and starting lifting when he did shows that he has excelled much further and was done in the same amount of time. This can result into the genes he developed from his family. Genes are a molecule of hereditary of a living organism. They basically hold the information in the DNA and pass the genetic traits to the offspring, such as hair or eye color. Genetics can vary to offspring’s and not all members of the family will access the same genes. Your sibling may take on from your mother and you may take on the genes from your father. Depending on what strands of DNA were given to you, genetics can definitely hold a barrier to your fitness level. Although it doesn’t mean people will not be able to overcome their fitness goals. Overcoming these levels may just mean you need to work harder, which can be frustrating but if you focus on what needs to be done anyone will be
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