Identify The Primary Biological Foundations Of Psychology

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Foundations of Psychology Kelly Timmons University of Phoenix General Psychology PSY 300 Alen Khudaverdyan July 31, 2011 Foundations of Psychology The purpose of this paper is to examine the mental and psychological aspects of psychology. This paper will also define what psychology is and how it relates to feelings, mental processes, and remembering. Psychology is the investigation of the processes previously mentioned and the understanding of individual cultural, psychological, and biological experiences. Identify the major schools of thought in psychology and examine their major underlying assumptions. Structuralism: The concept of structuralism is to examine the mind and its processes in regard to consciousness.…show more content…
Behavior, genes, and evolution play a major role in determining the biological foundations of psychology linked to behavior. When children are born certain characteristic, are inherited from their parents such as eye color, height, and hair color, behavioral characteristics are also inherited. With regard to behavioral characteristics some traits are stronger than others such as emotional stability, temperament, and mental ability. Society, environmental exposure and family structure play a major role in how these characteristics are developed and expressed. Two key concepts explain evolution of behavior: ultimate and proximate. Ultimate explains how characteristics are developed as he or she grows and matures. Proximate explains how certain behaviors were developed from the beginning of his or her life. Behavior is determined by the relationship and influence of environment and genes. The potential that one can reach in life is determined by the set of genes inherited from both parents. The factor that influences or discourages growth in those genes that make up his or her characteristics is the environment in which he or she
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