The Effect of Technology on Relationships

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Matthew Minor Feggans ENGL 102 - 076 2/2/12 The Effect of Technology on Relationships When one thinks of the technology of today, a vast field of objects may come into thought, such as the technology used to start a man’s heart, the technology used to look into the heavens, or the more common technology used to write this paper. In the past 40 years, the technology available to the “common” man has become much more advanced and readily available for common use. Many argue that nothing could be wrong with this, and that we are meant to utilize technology since we created it. However, there are a few cases against what technology could be doing to our lives. In the article Hooked on Technology, and Paying a Price by Matt Richtel, a businessman is shown to spend nearly every minute of his day working with technology, and almost completely removing himself from his family life. This businessman, Mr. Campbell, is almost constantly mentally absent from whichever task he was trying to accomplish because of the sheer amount of information that is consistently streaming through his mind. Similar points are made in the article The Effect of Technology on Relationships by Dr. Alex Lickerman, but in the article Do Mobile Phones Improve Relationships? by Mack LeMouse, points are made that technology can actually have a potentially social engagement boost in some manners. Overall, it seems that more people think that technology has a negative impact on our social relationships. Why then does technology usage continue to grow in our households? In Matt Richtel’s article, Mr. Campbell finds difficulty in prying himself away from his electronics. He spends so much time on his computer and other related devices that his wife states that when she makes him leave them he becomes “crotchety until he gets his fix” (Carolina Reader 163). Many of us know people like this,

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