How Technology Is Ruining Our Lives

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Bennington Analytical Supplement: How technology is making Americans depressed In our age, people depend on technology for everything from keeping in touch with old friends to paying bills to sending in their college applications. However, people are also becoming addicted to technology. Like anything, technology is fine when used in moderation. But now people are using their computer for work, going home and using it for leisure. What people are not getting from the computer is the satisfaction of making something with their own bare hands. Americans are socializing through online social networks almost as much as they are in person, and online company only makes one lonelier. Not to mention, that communication through text is not nearly as effective as verbal communication. Now that we have computers doing all the work for us, we are missing out on the satisfaction of doing things by hand. We don’t have to spend over ten minutes on a math problem; the computer can solve it in three minutes. And while, it is convenient to save time on trivial math problems, we are losing that feeling of accomplishment when, after ten minutes on a problem, we finally find that golden number. And at least, having gone through every step it takes to solve that math problem, you can prove why you are right. With a computer, it just spits out the answers. I understand though, that time is money and to make money we must save time. But instead of spending your leisure time playing angry birds, why not build your own catapult and play it in reality? Why not build a life in the realm of reality instead of the nano-chipped world if computers. Even American social life is done through wires these days. Everybody and their mom has a Facebook and they have it connected to their phone or their Ipod and thus spend half their day checking or updating something. And socializing online

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