The Effect of Part-Time Jobs on Students Essay

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Some students have part-time jobs while going to school. Many parents struggle with letting their kids have a paper route, work at Publix or other jobs that are available to young teens. The lure of money is hard to resist for young people, but it can interfere with their education. I believe they should not work while going to school. They need to concentrate on studies, extra-curricular activities, and not be given added stress. Children should focus on school, and not a job. A kid my age needs to focus on getting their homework done, not worrying about a job. Some parents think a part-time job will enhance their child’s responsibility. This could have the opposite effect because the child might not be able to complete their first responsibility which is schoolwork. If a child has extra time after school, they should participate in extra-curricular activities. Kids need physical activity to stay healthy. After being in school for eight hours and working a part-time job there is no time for clubs, sports, or community service. Many schools require their students to do community service every month. I think everyone should participate in sports because they keep you fit. A part-time job would also take away from something very important in a child’s life, their friends. Working along with school can put a lot of stress on the shoulders of a child. Most schools assign a lot of homework. By combining a job and the extra workload it would be a tremendous pressure for a child. Our bodies require at least eight hours of sleep a day. Some student’s grades could suffer because of part-time work, which would add more stress. The stress could lead to depression and anxiety. Some are able to balance school and working part- time. Although, I believe children should not work while going to school. Their grades might drop and this could result in stress. All children need

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