The Characteristics of Communication Essay

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Managerial Communication [ 30 September 2012 ] The Characteristics of Communication Setting clear goals is one of the very important characteristics of communication. Effective leaders communicate a clear vision and establish realistic goals. By aligning all work to these objectives, successful leaders ensure their employees work towards achieving the same results. Defining roles and responsibilities prevents multiple people from doing the same task, which is inefficient and not productive. An effective leader ensures that team members have adequate training, time and resources to complete work. If they don't, the leader makes arrangements to offer training classes, workshops and seminars to ensure employees can complete job tasks safely and efficiently. High-performance teams function well because everyone knows what they're doing, and why they're doing it. In my place of employment it is important for our management to set clear goals for our clinic in order for us to do our jobs efficiently and achieve a high level of patient care and satisfaction. One of the goals our company sets for us pertains to insurance write-offs, which we try to keep at a minimum. As a referral coordinator my job is to ensure that there is an insurance authorization in place prior to a patients office visit and and/or a procedure such as a colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, or any imaging studies. The prior authorization is a necessity to have so that the insurance company will cover these high cost procedures which can run up to ten thousand dollars. If for some reason we fail to get an insurance authorization we are not allowed to bill the patient since it was our mistake, and thus we would write off the amount. In the past 2 weeks our clinic has had to write off over fourteen thousand dollars for failure to obtain the prior authorization. This has started to become a problem since
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