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EST1 Hospital Code of Ethics Overview: “I would admonish you, above all considerations, to be honest. I mean honesty in every conception of the word: let it enter into all details of your work.” (Dr. William J. Mayo, 1920). EST1 Hospital code of ethics program is designed to promote a positive ethics culture through the institution and promote professionalism and ethical leadership behaviors such as effective communication skills and explaining rationale in decision making. Through a disciplined practice improvement structure, our goals are to educate healthcare members and staff about issues in clinical ethics. EST1 hospital is committed to honest and ethical behavior each day in our work. Each of us is accountable for our…show more content…
Employees should not neglect or ignore unethical practices done by others that may cause harm and should report these practices to leadership or other authorities. Standards and Procedures No. 4 Equal Employment Opportunity and Respecting the Dignity of Patients A. EST1 Hospital values and promotes diversity as an advantage. B. EST1 Hospital defines diversity as all characteristics that distinguish individuals from one another. C. The institution’s model of care and primary value is that the needs of the patient come first. D. The institutions diverse model of care requires that everyone requires treatment with dignity and respect. E. The institution will make efforts to respect and accommodate religious and spiritual needs of patients as appropriate to the extent possible. Ethics Training A. Provides recourses for employees to find managers or others who can help them resolve ethical conflicts. EST1 Hospitals reputation is built on fair dealings of ethical conduct. The institutions leadership including counselors, supervisors, trainers, educators, and ethics officers exemplify meaningful and respectful professional relationships. There is an open door policy which allows for employers to talk with leadership about incidents confidentially that involve them or incidents that have been…show more content…
Our foundation will also show how serious leadership is about ethical issues. It is important that the employees be monitored in order to check the quality of one’s work. The quality of an employer’s work also reflects the institutions reputation. Since trust within the workplace is of high priority and a key to success, it is appropriate that employees understand and expect monitoring to occur periodically. The employees will know what types of monitoring are taken place, the reasons for it, how it will be obtained, and who will disclose the information. It is necessary that some monitoring be scheduled and employees will know in advanced accordingly so that there are no objections during the monitoring process. There is a written clear policy of the monitoring process of ethical

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