Personal Ethics Statement

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Personal Ethics Statement
Wanda Vargas
Health Law and Ethics HCS/478
Kaye Brown
February 27, 2013

Personal Ethics Statement
Honesty, integrity, trust, fairness and compassion serve as the foundation of my daily living. I practice these values at home, at work, and when I interact with my patients, friends, and loved-ones. I believe in a culture of transparency because it creates a feeling of confidence; when you are honest in your personal and professional life you reflect an image of integrity and trustworthiness.
Strengths and Ethical Aspirations
My strengths are my firm beliefs for equality and sensibility. In nursing we make decisions every day concerning the care planning, treatment, and disposition of the patient; today we have to consider the community at large when we are caring for the individual patient and the family considering their wellbeing along with the population. It is a sense of harmony for all involved in the population taking care and being sensible to the individual needs of each patient rather than the community at large. In my personal life I believe that we should treat each other the way we will like to be treated; with dignity and respect. We are in this earth and we all deserve to be treated equally and have the same rights. We should embrace other cultures and differences with kindness and not fear the unknown. I want to make everyone feel welcome in my presence and still preserve my individuality and fortitude.
Character and Values
I am a traditionalist, I believe in following the standards that were set by my generations, the respect that was passed by my mother from her
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