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Personal Ethics Outline Paragraph 1 Introduce the topic. In the last sentence, write a thesis, stating a course of action regarding a goal, problem or issue of importance to you. By using my reasoning skills and intuition to determine what processes, character traits and virtues. I'll meet my goal of becoming an Health care Administration Specialist and assuring that I'm fair by keeping true to the ethics I believe I can accomplish my goal. Paragraph 2 Based on your “preferred ethical lens” why this is important to you? Everyone should be treated with equality because no person is better than they other. Paragraph 3 What course of action would you take? How do your actions relate to your values? Relationship Lens: 1. Healthy institutions: part of my core values. Assuring that the community and its institutions are healthy and effective 2. Enhancement of relationships: part of my core values. It's all about enhancing the relationship of my organization to the community. Reputation Lens: 1. Core virtues: one of the values that take priority in this lens is Justice. Which so happens to be one of my classical values. 2. Role requirements: This key part deals with fairness, which is what my core values are all about. Assuring that individuals are treated fairly. I prioritize the value of equality. My primer concern is the well-being of my whole community. Assuring the community's welling is the best way to assure that individual. Paragraph 4 (optional) Any additional actions…. Paragraph 5 Conclusion—restate your thesis and summarize key points In conclusion, my core values are about the well-being of my community and the fairness of individuals. With my ethical lenses, reputation and relationship, I believe my goals will be

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