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Emily Rattanavong Diane M. Kondratowicz Ph.D HUM 216-101 Ethics September 4, 2014 Reflection on Professional Code of Ethics After reading the American Health Information Management Association Code of Ethics (A.H.I.M.A), I have realized that it can contribute to my planned career path in Healthcare Management and can also relate to my current job as a Nail Technician. Sure, these two lines of work are complete opposites, but they do share similarities. According to the Code of ethics: respecting the integral dignity and worth of every person, and representing the profession to the public in a positive matter (Codes of Ethics) all of which I find to be the key necessities and values of both jobs. Having planned to be in Healthcare Management,…show more content…
There are individuals that have certain morals that they practice in their culture. For instance, I had a client that came into the salon wanting to get a pedicure but, she asked for a woman to do her pedicure as opposed to a man doing it because as part of her beliefs, a man should not be doing what she believed to be a woman’s job and we simply obliged by her reasoning, accommodating her respectfully. Let’s think of a situation in the healthcare field; there are different religions that practice medicine differently. If we were in the position that someone declines treatment because of their beliefs, even if it is for their better being, we would have to respect their choice and accommodate them to the best of our abilities. “11.2. Promote the value of self-determination for each individual.” This Code of Ethics is noteworthy to me because it allows individuals rights to have full power of their own lives. For example, people have rights to confidentiality when it comes to their healthcare records and being able to have access to their documents about one’s self or the treatments that they receive. Self-determination is empowering, allowing us to make meaningful decisions in our own lives; whether it is voting, job opportunities or even what group you socialize with. “11.3. Value all kinds and classes of people equitably, deal effectively…show more content…
This Code of Ethics ensures that, if a person voices their opinion and does not correlate to your own reasoning, you should allow them to voice it and respect it even if you don’t agree. We have that freedom to do so. Apart of being employed, you must represent the profession to the public in a positive matter. It is noted in the A.H.I.M.A Code of Ethics that we should: “7.1. Be an advocate for the profession in all settings and participate in activities that promote and explain the mission, values, and principles of the profession to the public.” Having to been a Nail Technician for almost five years, people have turned to the internet to talk about their experiences in the salon. I have read a few bad reviews that I happily responded to by giving them reasons for their wait time or apologizing for their experience from the services they received. Responding positively to those comments and reassuring the customers that it won’t happen again and we value their business or simply apologizing for the experience, inclines them into giving us another chance. Even having my nails done nicely, strangers are persuaded to ask where I get my nails done at and I get to promote where I work at because they look

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