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Keep Patients Waiting? Not In My Office. Shantorra Baker and Dionne Kern Pamela Payne 6110 Operation and Management 12/10/2012 Keep Patients Waiting? Not In My Office Introduction The United States healthcare industry represents 15% Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and this number is expected to double by the year 2050. This highlights the importance of the healthcare industry, and more importantly the heart of the health care system which is its scheduling practices. Scheduling appointments is considered the heart of a medical practice because it directly correlates to the amount of capacity a healthcare business has at its disposal. Long wait times not only impact patient satisfaction but also the quality of care. This case study focuses on a Pediatrician office that has placed “customer focus” at the forefront of its scheduling system and has garnered a number of “grateful patients” because of their scheduling practices. (Berwick 2006) Providers that Respect Time Medical Providers all have a philosophy which guides their day to day business practices. Physicians that respect time have made a philosophical decision that a patients’ time is valuable. This is a value centered approach to patient care, and results in more engaged patients and more satisfied customers. The Physician is acting in the role of consultant, and is thereby in the employ of the patient. There are not many other professions where the employee can make the employer wait, only in a physician office can this happen. A Physician that respects time uses scheduling as a way to run the office efficiently, and not as a dominate source of revenue. Dr. Schafer the pediatrician in the case study has proven that if you respect your patients and put their needs first, you book appointments realistically, fit in emergencies, tame phone calls, and deals with late comers allowing

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