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Good personal ethics are very important for me to have because it allows me to deal fairly with people in any situation and in any aspect of life. I believe good personal ethics are very important for everyone to have although some may not think so. My Ethical Lens Inventory results allow me to identify what my individual values are and what my challenges and strengths are. The inventory allows me to see ethical issues clearly and being aware of my priorities and values helps me to understand how I deal with ethical issues that may arise in daily life. My personal preferred lens is the Equality/Rationality in the Relationship lens. The Equality/Rationality Lens means that I use my reasoning skills to determine what should and needs to be done to ensure fairness for all. The strength of this lens is my ability to research all options and implement the options that I feel are fair to the situation and everyone involved. My weakness is that I can put too much thought into what is right in a situation, I tend to impose my will on others without looking to see that there might be other options relevant to the situation. I may also be tempted to exempt myself and others from the rules convinced that the rules were meant for others or that the actions I am taking really are fair for everyone. My ambitions may overpower my sense of justice. When this happens, I may overlook abuse of power by those in my own social groups. My blind spot is that I put too much faith in a process that results in a fair outcome for all. I tend to believe that ethical decisions are produced by the application of a fair system despite the fact that equal access for all isn’t always attainable resulting in unfair treatment. I would use my personal ethics by examining the problem researching the options that can be made to correct the problem than

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