Obama Federalism Pros And Cons

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By: Megan Mark 5-20-2013 By: Megan Mark 5-20-2013 Obama Care and federalism POL 201 American National Government Instructor: Angela Hermosillo Obama Care and federalism POL 201 American National Government Instructor: Angela Hermosillo There is a huge controversial issue when it comes to the policy of Obama Care. Obama care not only gains support from many people but many people also have huge issues with this policy coming to pass. Although this policy may solve many rising problems, it raises one major one of its own with federalism and it makes many state unhappy with this new policy. This paper will also examine the pros and cons to this debate and evaluate this policy’s effectiveness and if it consists with federalism…show more content…
First the pro side, the first main issue is the fact that the 32 million Americans that don’t have health care will now have access to health care coverage. Many Americans can’t afford health care coverage and this policy lowers the cost so that more Americans will have the opportunity to get the coverage they need. Another pro is that people with preexisting conditions can no longer be denied coverage. Insurance companies have been getting away with denying people the coverage they need because they either get sick or because they have a preexisting condition and this policy puts an end to all of that. Lastly, the amount of personal bankruptcies will be reduced. Many Americans file for bankruptcy because of their medical bills, if the rates go down and more people can afford coverage then it would make sense that the amount of bankruptcies would also go down. Even though the pros all help and seem great the cons to this policy also holds valid points. First, “18 million of the uninsured will be forced to go under Medicaid, while the rest will have to accept another government program. Even so, millions will remain uninsured,” (Pros and cons of Obama care June 29, 2012). Taxes will increase, so yes our health insurance coast goes down but is made up for in higher taxes. Another con is that by forcing states into federally-mandated health insurance it goes against state rights and violates federalism. Finally, not only is there fines if you don’t have health insurance but there is also the fact that “some speculate that you can be thrown in jail for failure to pay your health insurance taxes,” (Pros and cons of Obama care June 29, 2012). The evaluations of the pros and cons should be evaluated by their effectiveness. Effectiveness is if it produces a result or is successful in achieving its desired effect. This should be measured or determined by not only the
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